Nobody can build a vibrant and functional place by themselves. It requires the skills, expertise and passions of many people with a wide variety of talents to work together. We will work with your internal and external teams to help you create your vision and to build a better place.

Using our knowledge and experience, we will ask the difficult questions and help you answer them. Critically, we will help to build the capacity within your projects by identifying gaps, sharing knowledge, perspective and thought leadership and providing tools and processes that can be used throughout the project to deliver your vision.


The Placemaking Triangle by urbanici


We believe that value goes beyond just the financial and that good places can benefit the environment and society as a whole. We will help you to define where that value lies and tailor it to meet your objectives for the project.


We recognise that experience of a place is always personal. Through our experience of combining the technical, design and operational performance, we will help you deliver places that allow people to use them in a way that suits their lifestyle.


Climate change and the evolving expectations of modern society means that places have to technically work as well as be beautiful. We can help you integrate low carbon solutions, wi-fi and SUDs alongside electric vehicle charging.


The practical operations of a place are often forgotten in the early stages, and are key to how people experience any place. We can help you to consider how they are practically facilitated through design and how your place vision is continued in the long term.


The design of the streets and spaces probably have more impact on how people feel about a place than the buildings. They also deliver most of the public services from seating to cycle parking to biodiversity. Attention to detail is key here and we can help you deliver beautiful, healthy spaces.